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Pan Quick LS3E Portable Printer Pan Quick LS3E Portable Printer(Reference #ls3e)
Fast Affordable Easy to Use VersatilePrint labels, self-laminating wire markers, heat shrink markers, component labels, cloth wire markers and network labels in seconds with the new Pan-Quik LS3E Hand-Held, Printer The new printer is an enhanced version of the company’s popular LS3 dot-matrix printer, offering all the features of the original, plus many new features designed to increase speed and ease of use.

Price: £399.00 (Excluding: VAT)

Replacement Printer Ribbon (Reference #LSE-RIB)

Price: £9.99 (Excluding: VAT)

Replacement Ribbon for LS3E Printer

Replacement Battery Pack (Reference #LSE-BP)

Price: £79.00 (Excluding: VAT)

Replacement Battery Pack for LS3E Printer

Replacement Battery Charger (Reference #LSE-EC)

Price: £49.00 (Excluding: VAT)

Replacement Battery Charger for LS3E Printer

Replacement Operator Manual English (Reference #LSE-MAN)

Price: £11.99 (Excluding: VAT)

Replacement Operators Manual (English) for LS3E Printer

Bridgelock Online : Label Printers : Panduit

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