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220XiIIIplus 220XiIIIplus(Reference #220XiIIplus)
The Zebra® 220XiIII plus thermal transfer barcode printer prints the widest labels of all Performance-Line™ printers: 8.5-inch-wide (216mm) labels at 10" (254mm) per second. These capabilities make the 220XiIII printer ideal for use in all types of rugged, industrial environments for printing chemical drum labels, clinical lab label sets, primary metal standard labels, ODETTE labels for the automotive industry, banner-sized labels, pallet and shipping container labels and two-across labels. 

Price: £4,600.00 (Excluding: VAT)

170XiIIIPlus 170XiIIIPlus(Reference #170XiII)
The Zebra® 170XiIII thermal transfer barcode printer is a rugged, high-performance model that prints 6.6-inch-wide labels at up to 8 inches per second. Wide print width makes this model ideal for AIAG, ODETTE and other compliance and wide-label applications, in addition to those requiring high throughput for fast label production, durability for the most critical applications, and high duty-cycle for continuous operation 24 hours a day.

Price: £3,400.00 (Excluding: VAT)

140XiIIIPlus 140XiIIIPlus(Reference #140XiIII)
The Zebra® 140XiIII printer is a high-speed thermal transfer barcode printer that's capable of printing 5.59-inch-wide (142mm) labels at 12" (304.8mm) per second. This fast, high-volume label printer is ideal for heavy industrial, commercial, business and clinical applications such as inventory control; product labeling; asset, product, and document tracking; work-in-process; and logistics.

Price: £3,000.00 (Excluding: VAT)

96XiIIIPlus 96XiIIIPlus(Reference #96XiIII)
The industry's first 600dpi printer-- the 96XiIII---is unmatched for printing large amounts of bar code, text and graphics information in limited label space. This printer is ideal for applications that require extremely high resolution---labeling electronic components, telecommunication assemblies, computer peripherals, small pharmaceutical packaging, diagnostic research samples, and more.

Price: £3,400.00 (Excluding: VAT)

90XiIIIPlus 90XiIIIPlus(Reference #90XiII)
The Zebra® 90XiIII printer is perfect for quickly printing small text, crisp graphics and high-quality bar codes. With a 300-dots-per-inch print-head (600 dpi optional) and a maximum print width of 3.4", the 90XiIII printer is ideal for any application requiring small, high-resolution barcode labels, such as jewelry, primary products, circuit boards, chemical vials, pharmaceutical unit packs and spare parts.

Price: £2,900.00 (Excluding: VAT)

Bridgelock Online : Label Printers : Zebra : XI Series

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