Meet Your On-Site Labeling Needs FAST with the Pan-Quik™ LS6 Hand-Held Printer from Bridgelock

Fast • Affordable • Easy to Use • Versatile

Print labels, self-laminating wire markers, heat shrink markers, component labels, cloth wire markers and network labels in seconds with the new thermal transfers Pan-Quik LS6 Hand-Held, Printer!

The new thermal transfer printer is an enhanced version of the company’s popular LS3 dot-matrix printer, offering all the features of the original, plus many new features designed to increase speed and ease of use.


The new Pan-Quik LS6 hand-held printer creates crisp, clear legends in multiple sizes for wire markers, component labels and data-comm labels. The printer produces labels in widths from 1/4" to 1-1/2" in a variety of materials, including self-laminating vinyl, vinyl cloth and heat shrink tubing.

The Pan-Quik LS6 is ideal for fast, affordable identification of wires, cables, modular jacks, faceplates, terminal blocks and patch panels. The new printer features both letter quality and standard text fonts, the Quik-Key Fast Label Formatting System, automatic legend repeat, automatic alpha-numeric serialization of labels, an optical sensor for exact label registration, an easy-to-see 2-line by 16 character liquid crystal display, plus an ergonomically- engineered keypad with 49 color coded keys.

Weighing just 2.7 lbs., this lightweight, compact printer also includes a shock absorbent rubber casing to protect the unit during field use and a quick-change battery pack for reduced downtime.

The Pan-Quik LS6 printer comes complete with a 12VDC, 1000 mAh rechargeable Ni-Cad battery pack, printer ribbon, wrist strap, and a 240VAC battery charger.

Using feedback received from distributors and customers, Panduit has added a number of new features to its new Pan-Quik™ LS3E, including:

Automatic Recall of Last Legend Entered eliminating the need to re-enter information after shutoff or battery pack recharging

File Storage Memory to save and retrieve files for frequently used labels

Express Formatting to set all print characteristics at one time, eliminating setup time for frequently used label formats such as wire markers and terminal block labels

Additional Large Letter Quality Fonts for legends that need to stand out

Several New Labels including self-laminating cable markers, terminal block labels, asset labels and quality labels, have been added to complement the already extensive offerings available for the LS6

Multi-Language Screen Prompts to benefit companies with worldwide locations wishing to standardize on one hand-held printer


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